We Celebrate World Usability Day in Groningen this year


You might have noticed today is World Usability Day. A perfect day to reflect on your past actions to make our digital world more useful. But especially this time it’s even better to look ahead. Because this years theme, Designing for the future we want goes hand in hand with our mission to make qualitative UX research hasslefree! Why? Read on!

🎉 Happy Labs Groningen 🎉

Yeah that’s right. On this day a year ago we launched our The Hague office and now we’re offering a brand new location in Groningen. Designing for the future means doing research in a location nearby! More information can be found in our press release.


100 Lab days 💛

Guess what!? We’re about to have our 100th lab-day this year. We cannot silently let this pass us by. But who will be the lucky one who celebrates with us… Will it be you? 😉

Meet me up!

Yesterday we were the host of a great and inspirational meetup about taxonomy and content crit. Also inspiring are the most important insight and tips of last summer’s meetup with young UX researchers. Follow our socials to make sure you don’t miss our next event.

Highlighted Stories

A good start is half the battle. Make sure you and your team are aligned. A kickoff meeting is the ideal start. See our guideline to get you going.
Usertesting is often skipped because most people assume it takes a lot of our precious time. In this Happy Story we prove the opposite.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Happy regards,
Vincent van Elsas