Looking for participants?

Participants can make or break your research.

But what are participants? These are the people with whom you sit down and talk to test your site, app, or other digital product. Our panel consists of more than 10,000 participants. With the most diverse backgrounds. From students to academics. From people on benefits to high earners. In short: we find the exact people you want to talk with during your user test or UX research. 

All ages

Low to high earners

Dutch and international

With and without children

Practically and theoretically educated

Students to freelancers

We find exactly your target group

If you have a broad target group, we often find them easily in our panel. Do you have a very specific target group? Then we sometimes recruit in other creative ways. We dive into online communities, place advertisements or use your databases. Either way: We make sure that we find exactly your target group.

For instance, we recruited international alumni for Utrecht University. Parents and children for Rabobank. Business carriers for KLM. But we also regularly recruit consumers from all age groups for Albert Heijn – the biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands.

The costs for recruitment?
That depends

Some participants are quick and easy to find. Take the average student: they have a lot of time and are generally happy to participate in UX research. B2B target groups are a bit more difficult. Are you looking for people who work as surgeons, who just bought a house in Amsterdam, and who also have pets? That’s a bit more complicated. And we need more time for that.

The complexity of your recruitment determines the costs. Together, we determine how complex your recruitment is. We use four price categories.

We recruit participants and make a clear schedule

Once we have determined together who your target group is and how to recruit them, we get to work. We send out screeners (questionnaires), we go through the replies, call participants, schedule them and confirm their participation. We then make a clear schedule with the names of participants. Their qualifications. And the time they come by for the interview. This way you know exactly who to expect and when.

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Help us to make the digital world a little better and more beautiful by participating in research. All we need is your time and opinion. You receive a compensation of € 20 – 100.