8000+ participants

Not just a lot, but also very diverse!

From young to old

All levels of income

Broad geographical coverage

All kinds of family structures

All educational levels

From students to entrepreneurs


Who is your target audience?

In order to help you estimate the costs, we divide target audiences in four categories.

Prices are excluded of VAT, incentives and travel expenses


Easy to recruit

€ 75 pp


A little harder to recruit

€ 100 pp


Hard to recruit

€ 150 pp


Very hard to recruit

€ 200 pp

Easy mix, based on criteria like:


A little harder to recruit, because of criteria like:

    Does daily grocery shopping
    Owns a car
    Goes to work by bike

A category with more specific characteristics, like:

  Looking for a new specific health insurance
  Looking for a new expensive car
  Has a smart thermostat for over 3 years

Very specific participants with particular characteristics, like:

    Just bought a house in Amsterdam west
    Looking for a pink Fiat 500
    Works as a surgeon in Utrecht


We suggest an incentive of about € 20 – 100 per participant. The exact amount depends on the target audience and the length of the session.

Travel expenses

We believe a fair incentive is important, thats why we reimburse travel expenses. Experience learns that the travel expenses are around € 15 per participant.


We work hard to make sure all participants show up. To ensure you talk to enough people, we schedule a free spare participant for 5 or more participants.


We make a proposal, you decide

Recruitment is always custom-made. Together we clarify your target audience. Then we start recruiting, and based on your feedback we optimize the participant list. Because of privacy regulations we have participants sign a consent form.


Getting started!

To make sure you’re all set and know which participant will be next, we have a tablet around the lab showing the schedule. Of course, this schedule is also available online and in the livestream.