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The interview- and observation room

Those are the spots where it all happens.

Interview room

in the interview room you sit and chat with your target audience. The room has two screens with eye tracking, so you can follow exactly what the participant does. Do you want to test on a tablet or a mobile device? We’ll make sure they’re set up.

Observation room

In our observation room your entire team follows the interviews live. There is a big table with plenty of space to work. The room also has whiteboards, post-its, and other tools to help you capture all your insights.

Other things we take care of

We find it important that you have a careless day in the lab.
That’s why you get:

Opnames en een livestream

Recordings and a livestream

We record the usability research for you, so you can watch the footage again if you want to. Besides, you can have any stakeholder watch the sessions along by streaming it live.

Technical support

Our technical specialist is always ready to help you out when the technology doesn’t work the way it should.

A host

Our host takes good care of you and the participants. We want you to feel comfortable during your research.

Research without a manual

Our labs are accessible. you can easily switch from device to device. From mobile, to desktop, to tablet. And back again.

Still missing something? Or do you have specific needs? Just let us know. We can arrange researchers, for instance. Or a notetaker. Or an interpreter who translates the sessions live.

is it time to set up your own UX lab? We’d love to help you.


You can find our labs in Amsterdam and Groningen

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