UX lab in Groningen becomes third Happy Labs location

14 november 2019


Happy Labs, the first independent UX lab in the Netherlands, announces on world usability day that they are offering a third location in Groningen.


Only two years ago Happy Labs started in the center of Amsterdam. The location in The Hague was added exactly one year ago. Now, in collaboration with Concept7’s UXlab, a third location in Groningen is being added. In the UX Labs, companies can test their digital creations themselves or with the help of a professional. The labs are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for eye tracking, live viewing and recording. This allows the companies to focus on the research, while all preconditions are regulated. “That’s what they call research without the hassle.”


Happy Labs Groningen

Happy Labs works with uxlab.nl, a subsidiary of Concept7, for the Groningen office. Vincent van Elsas of Happy Labs explains: “Setting up UX research can be quite a hassle. Our mission is to lower the threshold for conducting research. The closer a UX Lab is, the lower that threshold. When I heard that our friends from the north were opening a UX lab, I immediately picked up the phone.” The mission of Happy Labs fits in seamlessly with the one of the initiators of the UX lab in Groningen. “That Concept7 and Happy Labs have the same idea about facilitating user research was immediately apparent when we talked about the collaboration. Both companies are committed to quality, a well-equipped laboratory for UX research is like a hammer for a carpenter. The connection of the UXlab with Happy Labs helps our customers to work easily on their User Experience, “says John Wittmaekers of Concept7.