Happy Labs in the media!

You might remember we launched our The Hague office at the end of 2018. Well.. it did got picked up by the media; Emerce, Fonk and Dagblad070. But an -almost page filling- interview with our mr. Happy (Vincent) for the well known Algemeen Dagblad was just the icing on the cake.

Go test!

It’s our ambition to have more people testing their digital products. Therefore we support various events. The first one on the agenda is the dedicated UX Research conference called UX Insights. Tickets are on sale now!
Also we try to help with getting your own testing off the ground;

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How to set up remote UX research

How to set up remote UX research

How to set up remote UX researchProper remote research is all about a smooth experience. For yourself (the researcher), observers, and participants. Tooling plays an important part in this. And as you probably discovered recently: there’s not one tool that does all...

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UX Academy x Happy Labs (discount)

Don’t know where to start? Follow the 2 days UX Academy research course and learn all about conducting your own studies. Now with a 10% discount when using the code “happyuxacademy10%” (valid until 08-02). Find out more here.