UX labs   Your own lab

We build your permanent in-house UX lab

Your office

Research effortlessly on home turf.

Tailored to fit you

Equipped for your research needs.

Easy to use

Tech? That’s our speciality. You focus on research.

The usability Lab

Complete control

As the interviewer you decide what people see in the observation room, recording and livestream.

The complete picture

Switch effortlessly between desktop and mobile and have everything in one screen through picture in picture mode.

The observationroom

Entire team involved

Experience the research with the entire team, so the insights make an impact on everyone.

No mirror wall

You won’t be locked up in a room without light, but have a relaxed experience while researching.

Multipurpose room

Use the observation room for other meetings when it’s not used for research.

They preceded you


Your own lab, pro’s and con’s

Knowing what to expect is half the job. Your own lab is awesome, but has it’s downsides.

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Setting up your own lab

Going through the process of creating your own lab. Luckaly you’re not starting from scratch, we’re here to help.

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