The basis for a successful test is good preparation. By working out the test in advance to the smallest detail, you will not face surprises on the day itself. A useful tool for this is the Test Script. During the tests we facilitate, we also use this tool. It ensures structure in the test and provides a clear overview of all parts of the test.

Test Script

A test script consists of a number of fixed parts. Introduction, Pre test interview, Scenarios and tasks and Evaluation. With each of these items you indicate at least how much time you want to spend on this and which questions you want to ask or tasks you want to have executed. In addition, it is useful to indicate in the Test Script on which specific things you should pay attention to during the various parts. During the introduction, for example, it is important to give your participants a good explanation of the test, but also to put them at ease.


To help you, we make the template available that we use during tests that we facilitate ourselves. This way, it is even faster and better prepared for your tests with users. Copy this test script template to your own Google drive and make sure your user test is optimally prepared, well structured and greatly executed.