4 tips for your remote research

The world has changed rapidly. We all realize this is the new normal we have to adopt to. I’m glad to see so many people still want to speak to their customers. Since testing remotely is completely new for most of us, it comes as no surprise that there are many questions or fears. Thats why we noted down 4 crutches for your remote research.

Happy tip number 1: make test material accessible

How easy is it for participants to test your design? In a lab you have full control of all necessary tech requirements. But, there’s more to it when testing remotely…
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Happy tip number 3: include your team

How do you include each stakeholder? We all know doing research is a team effort, but keeping everyone together can be pretty difficult if you’re not in the same location…
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Happy tip number 2: choose the right tool

Is there a single tool that does all the magic? There are almost too many great tools you could choose from. However, each one comes with its benefits and limitations…
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Happy tip number 4: practice using the technology

Don’t want to spend your (colleagues) precious time while you struggle with the technique? Unfortunately lots of things can go wrong. So better practice before you preach… 
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I hope these tips help you engage with your target audience. If it leaves you with a question mark, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’m here to help!

Happy regards,
Vincent van Elsas