Our UX labs are open again

We have some good news: Our UX labs are open again.

In the past year we’ve done lots of remote research. It was a success. So we’ll keep on doing that. But we’re also super excited to be able to have you over physically – for some research studies it’s simply necessary to jump in the lab.

Moreover, we can’t wait to work together in one room again. To slap Post-its on the wall and draw on the whiteboard together. To exchange thoughts. And to discover how to improve your site or app in the lab. We can’t wait to welcome you, your team, and your target audience just like we did before.

What’s better: Online research or research in the lab?

As we said: we’ve been doing online research with and for customers. And we’ll keep on doing that. Because online research has big advantages. For instance, the context in which you do research is very realistic; we can literally peak into people’s lives. It’s very intimate. Participants have the distractions they usually have. And it’s easy to interview people for whom it’s harder to physically come to our lab.

However, there’s also a downside to online testing: It’s harder to show confidential work. It’s harder to guide people with limited digital skills. Poor internet connection is always a risk. And the power of body language partly disappears. On top of that, it’s really intense to do a full day of research from behind your screen – it costs a lot of energy.

In short: One is not better than the other. Online and physical research both have unique pros and cons. So the fact that we can open up our physical UX lab, doesn’t mean we close the doors of our online UX lab. We need both.

Time to refresh: What does a UX lab look like?

You probably haven’t visited a UX lab in a while, so it’s time to refresh your memory. Our labs are equipped in such a way that you can do research without the hassle. Everything is facilitated: From the moment you walk in till the moment you leave again. You only need to bring your laptop and some good energy. The rest is on us.

✓ Technical support

✓ Fully equipped interview and observation rooms

✓ Live stream

✓ Recordings of all interviews

✓ Test on any device: Mobile, desktop, and tablet

✓ A host that facilitates your day

✓ Delicious lunch

✓ The best participants

✓ Eye-tracking

We stay careful

Even though we can open our labs again, we have to stay careful. We can’t use our small interview rooms yet. So just like last year, we’ll test in one of the (bigger) observation rooms. As for the people that want to watch along with the interviews in our lab: We have to keep the numbers limited; typically one viewer per customer. The rest of the team can watch the interviews remotely through the livestream. Once the 1,5 meter measure expires, we’ll fully get back to how things were before.

Check the video below to see how we’ve made our UX lab corona proof. 

Do you want to drop by, reserve a spot or do you have some questions first?