How to prepare a user test in one hour

If you want your product to be successful, testing is a necessity! In the previous Happy Stories we discussed the importance of adjusting your design to the needs of your users. And the best way to get insights in their expectations, is of course with UX research! But sometimes you don’t really have a budget or the time to conduct an extensive test. Luckily we discuss in this Happy Story how it’s possible to prepare a user test in one hour! 

So at the end of this article you know:

✓ How to prepare a user test in less than one hour

So, we all know it’s important to conduct a user test. Not only will it give you insights in the problems and weak points in your design, it is also useful to find out if the design of the product fits with the right target group. Some companies still skip the user testing phase, mostly because they think it will cost them a lot of time and money. But it doesn’t have to cost much money or time! We will show you the right steps to prepare your user test in only one hour! 

Good preparation is everything! 

Good preparation is the key! There are a few things you have to arrange before you can actually start with the user test. During a kickoff it’s the ideal moment to talk about your preparation. Our Kickoff guideline can help you prepare for this. Make sure you have al least these things covered: 

  • Space. The space for the user test ideally consists of two rooms: a testing/interview room and an observation room. 
  • Technique. Make a list of products you need for your test, for example post-its and your printed out test script! This list will help you with bringing everything you need for the testing day!
  • Respondents. Make sure you have enough participants to test your product with. This will give you more insights in the user experience.
  • The testing material. This is the actual product you want to test with your users. Most of the time you are still fine tuning the product, in that case you can test a prototype of your product!
  • Colleagues. You can not do it alone! Ideally you have at least two people: an observer and an interviewer. But the more people that can be present on the testing day, the better! 

        Start setting up the test! 

        So, we are now fully prepared for the test and we’ve made sure we have everything covered. So we can start the time: 1 hour! Let’s go! 

        1: Write the script 

        You need a guideline throughout the interview, because you want to make sure you will get the right information. Always start with a short introduction to make sure the respondent feels comfortable! You don’t have to put all your questions literally on paper. Write down some questions you really want to ask, but also let the conversation guide you and respond to the answers of the respondent. If you have difficulties with setting up a script, you can download our free test script here

        2: Prep the UX lab

        Practice makes perfect. The first time it will take you more time, but after a while you’ll get faster! Make sure everything works and is connected, for example by testing your setup before running your first user test. You don’t want to find out during the test that you’ve forgotten something or something is not working. You also want the testing space to be quiet and free of distractions. Distractions can mess up the results, so this is important! 

        3: Prep the observation room

        Not only do you need to set up the testing room, you also need to prepare the observation room. Make sure there is enough writing material and some extra paper to cluster the important findings. You want to write down as much as possible, because with this information you can optimize the design of your product. Not a fan of using paper? Our observation-log template may help you write down all your findings, observations and quotes in a structured way.

        So, user testing doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money or time! All you need to do is make sure you have all the essentials, like the product you want to test and the right space! And if you need help with recruiting respondents or you are looking for a lab to test your product, we are happy to help! With our participant database and our UX labs, we make preparing a user testing so much easier! Check our different possibilities here