Reopening of Happy Labs

The last few months we were all forced to test remotely. Despite that it’s a great alternative, it’s just not like the real thing. You and your team aren’t in the same room – which makes it less of a team effort. Testing remotely also makes it harder to see the body language of your audience. And let’s not talk about the fact that some studies just cannot be carried out remotely. Well, here’s some good news: now that the measures in the Netherlands are being relaxed, we decided to reopen our research location in Amsterdam. But not without taking some extra care.


Measures Happy Labs Amsterdam


We made some adjustments to our location to make doing face to face research as safe as possible. And of course, we ask everyone to follow the latests restrictions of the RIVM. We also added a few specific measures to that. 


  • We encourage everyone to come with their own transport. There’s a parking garage in front of our door.
  • We ask each visitor to wash their hands regularly and hang their own jackets.
  • Walking routes are indicated on the floor.
  • We only serve individually packed cookies and snacks.
  • Our host wears gloves while making lunch.
  • We clean the location more often.
  • No one is allowed to enter the location when having any Covid19 symptoms. Obviously, that includes our own staff, customers and last but not least: participants.


In the UX lab:

  • Alcohol-wipes are provided to clean the devices, keyboard and mouse between each interview.
  • Although there’s 1.5 meter between the researcher and the participant, we doubled the safety by installing a plexiglass screen between the interviewer and participant.


In the observation room

  • Our observation rooms are spacious enough to accommodate a maximum of 6 people, while maintaining 1.5m distance. Other observers can watch along through the free online livestream.
  • Lunch is served in a central place where people can grab their sandwich with a kitchen tong.



We’re very conscious about the way we recruit.  We try to find participants who aren’t tied to public transport. We also perform additional health checks before inviting them to our location. And as you have come to expect from us, there are always spare participants planned to fill last minute cancellations. 




Are you ready to meet your target audience in person again?